Tea Blends to Help Soothe a Sore Throat.

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My husband and three children are all at home today with sore throats.  So, in addition to their deserving TLC that is required from a mom and a wife, I did what I know best and made them a hot cup of tea.  My two youngest, Mike, 13 and Catherine, 10 do not particularly care for tea (just yet.)  I have to keep reminding myself that they are still young and to just give it time.  These are the same two kids that would rather have instant mac and cheese for dinner rather than garlic basil chicken with tomato butter sauce.  They do drink their warm remedy but only after a little bit of debating and compromising (adding a touch of sugar to it),

There is no question that herbs and spices contain many advantages and benefits in helping with to soothe a sore throat. There are three ways an herbal tea accomplishes this. Many herbs contain a type of mucilage that coats the mucus membranes which helps to speed up the healing process.  Herbs also possess anti-inflammatory properties. And lastly, they can enhance the immune system. Peppermint, licorice root, slippery elm, eucalyptus, and marshmallow root may be effective at treating sore throats, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Peppermint contains menthol, which is an active ingredient that functions as a decongestant and expectorant.

There are also many spices that are beneficial in helping to soothe a sore throat when they are incorporated into a tea blend or even if they are just brewed by themselves. Spices have potent antibacterial, antifungal and mucus-loosening components. According to the UCLA History and Special Collections Department of the Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library, these components often help to soothe troublesome sore throats. The most commonly recommended spices include cinnamon, cloves, ginger root, and garlic. If you or someone you know is suffering from a sore throat, I would suggest that you try grating some whole cinnamon bark, peel and slice some ginger root, or use some crushed cloves and garlic. This will create an aromatic spiced tea that is soothing not only to the senses, but also to a sore throat.

You don’t need to be sick to be inspired to create and brew an herbal/spiced tea.  I personally have come up with many delightful tasting teas from just throwing spices and herbs in a teapot and letting it brew in hot water. I have also concocted a few “not so incising” herbal and spice combinations, but we won’t talk about that. I encourage you to look around your kitchen for fruits, spices and herbs and see what you can come up with.  Who knows, you might be a better tea blender than you think?

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