Preparing Loose Leaf Tea

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I think there are a couple of really good reasons why we should all experience drinking loose leaf tea and maybe eventually even having it become a daily ritual or routine in our lives.

The first reason is that I believe that our world has become so constant and quick and I don’t think that we take enough time out in our day to treat ourselves to a little peacefulness. When I begin the process of brewing loose leaf tea, it makes me pause and begin to relax for a moment in life and saying to myself, “I am valuable and worthy enough to take a few minutes out of my day to treat myself to a nice cuppa tea.”

The second reason is purely on the quality of taste.   Loose leaf tea produces the freshest, fullest flavor tea possible. Loose leaf tea is produced seasonally in small quantities by skilled workers who use a method that involves hand-picking and hand-sorting quality tea leaves. The same leaves can be steeped multiple times for several cups.  Tea in teabags is generally made from the lowest quality leaf. This tea does not consist of leaves, and is referred to as “dust” or “fannings”. Tea bags are often not sealed or stored properly and the tea loses its flavor quickly.  And the flavor is fully extracted after just one steeping with most traditional tea bags.


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