Bring It On

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Have you ever woken up on a Saturday morning and felt just a little unbalanced?  It is not that you’re sick or that you didn’t get enough sleep, you just don’t feel quite like yourself. That is how I felt this morning. 

My husband and kids really enjoy sleeping in late on the weekends, so on the rare occasion when there are no scheduled Saturday morning plans and catching up on their sleep is an option, they do.  I’m not taking 8-9 a.m.  I probably will not see any of their faces till 11-noon. That makes me happy on so many levels, but mostly because I have a quite house to myself for a few hours. Ahhh!

I wanted to shake this “blah” feeling before they were all awake.  My morning ritual usually begins with a simple prayer and then I try to determine if it is chilly enough to put on socks and/or a hoodie jacket over my pajamas. I tend to always be freezing. I get out of bed and head out to the kitchen, fill up the tea kettle with fresh water and turn on the stove. I go through the steps and the process of constructing my perfect cup of tea. The first sip makes me smile, the second sip wakes my body up and lets it know that we are about to face a new day. The third sip is when I really get to enjoy and appreciate the flavor that is in my cup of tea and every other sip after that is a dare from me to the world; “Bring it on!”

So now I have had my tea, straightened up the living room a little and I am writing this article as I enjoy the sunshine coming through the sliding glass doors and the sound of an occasional car driving past my house. The kettle is back on the stove in preparation for my second cup of tea.  My body is calm and my mind is peaceful. 

Bring it on! 

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