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1-Perfect Cup Tea Spoon
3" teapot stainless steel strainer with wood handle. Perfect for whole leaf loose tea. When strainin..
Bamboo Scoop
This bamboo Chashaku Matcha spoon allows for easy transfer of Matcha powder to Chawan (bowl). ..
Bamboo Whisk
Matcha is full of great flavor with essential nutrients that can be brought out using a traditional ..
Ingenie Tea Maker
Innovative filtering system dispenses tea when the brewer is placed on top of a cup. No drips, no me..
Perfect Tea Spoon and Basket Strainer
A great accessory set for measuring just the right amount of tea to brew the perfect cup! Mesh strai..
T-Sacs - Size #2
This is the easy way to “Make-your-own" tea bags, so you can take your favorite blend with you anywh..